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Throwing Up But Everything Else Is Normal

Guest EnzaFerrari

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Guest EnzaFerrari

Yesterday was a busy day for Enza and I - My dad's 60th b-day party and then I ran a 5k that evening. She went with me to my parents house so lots of running, playing, new things. Then she hug out with my dad while I did the race. Everything was fine, but clearly very tired. She ate normally (I brought her food) and did drink a lot of water.


While hanging out with my dad, she regurgitated her water, not abnormal if she has had a lot to drink.


On the drive home (30 mins) she slept, but when I parked, she again threw up only water and a little bit of food. She did it again 10 steps later.


Later on that night, I gave her a cookie as she seemed extra hungry and she had more water and then threw that up as well.


This morning on our walk, she had some water then threw that right up about 10 steps later.


This evening, she threw up on the stairs a good portion of her dinner and I just got home from *my* birthday dinner and she had some water and threw up *again* - twice.


So that is 6 times in 24 hours. It is never a lot, and she never seems to be making an effort - she just opens her mouth, and out it comes.


Other than this, she is fine. Eating, playing, not agitated or lethargic, temperature seems normal. She isn't extra clingy, playing with her stuffies, not whining, not stretching - everything is truly and really fine except she seems to throw up/regurgitate every time she drinks or eats. I am making sure she isn't getting a lot of water at each time.


Is this normal? I am thinking she was given something at the picnic she shouldn't have had, but I don't know. She does occasionally regurgitate her food right after eating, but that is only once every two weeks. I am not feeling I need to call the vet as everything else is fine, but any thoughts would be appreciated.



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If she's still throwing up in the morning, I'd get her to the vet. Emmy did this a couple of years ago and she was diagnosed with HGE and required supportive IV therapy and antibiotics.


edited to add: greyhounds can dehydrate very quickly so I'd watch her closely tonight.

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Guest gottaluvgreysindy

If she doesn't seem to be holding anything down, I would get her to the vet. My girl did this a while back and it turned out to be a blockage. Is she known to chew on things she isn't suppose to?

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