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Pale Gums

Guest knucklesmom77

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Guest knucklesmom77

Hi GT!


This morning, I was cuddling with my beautiful Knuckles (we were just waking up). She had a wide smile on her face, and I noticed her gums and tounge looked pale to me. I tried pushing down a little on her gums to see how the color would be affected, but no color change. I noticed on the other side of her mouth (the side that was against the bed), the color was normal, and the color returned right away when I pushed on them.


We went on our walk, she was fine -- not a whole lot of poo, but that was all. She ate her first meal of the day like normal, and seems to be acting like her normal, happy self.


The gums have me REALLY worried, though. She's almost 9 and lately I have put a lot more effort into making sure she lives long into her senior years. She's a normally very healthy dog, and I want to keep it that way!!!


Any suggestions? Am I overreacting? I was thinking dehydration, but she has constant access to water. Please advise.

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