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Annie's Vet Check Up

Guest greytbookert

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Guest greytbookert

The things we learned/confirmed:


Hind End - Very weak, there is muscle atrophy on one side; spine doesn't look so good. Treatment - we started her on Tramadol and we go back tonight to get exercises and a therapy routine, 3x daily warm compresses and massage. We had already started glucosamine and MSM. We will recheck in a 2 weeks, then she will probably need water therapy, chiropractic care and possible acupuncture. Our vet is very concerned about her back end is not 100% convinced that this is LS but we when we recheck at 2 weeks, he will explore further.


Heartworm - test was negative - THANKS GOODNESS. She hadn't been given the preventative in about 6 months or so... phew!


Eyes - Prescription given for two eye drops, prednisolone and I forget the name of the other one :) She has NGE and a birth defect on one of her lenses that causes a catarac but doesn't appear to be progressive. Her opthamologist doesn't think that it will worsen.. recheck in 6 months.


Lungs - good


Heart - good


Weight - slightly overweight but she looks to be a big girl, she stands only a half inch shorter than our T.


Urinalysis - Bacteria - rx Cephalexin


Fecal - negative


Nose - We are watching her nose to see if it changes at all. Currently, she is a little dry and scabby, some loss of cobblestone but that could be related to her eye condition, so we will watch carefully.


Growth on leg - Looks to be a cyst or even just scar tissue but we will recheck at 2 weeks, if it needs to come off it will but our vet isn't concerned.


Teeth - not too shabby. Her breath is good, gums look good, there is a bit of tartar but overall pretty good. Hopefully, the duck and turkey necks will help clean them up a bit. Once we get her blood results, a dental will be scheduled.


She does have a couple of "old lady bumps", wart like things that we will watch carefully.


Senior Blood Results - will be in today, so stay tuned...


Tail - yep that's a half of a tail :lol


To summarize the visit, our vet said "Annie's back end is somewhat of a train wreck but we have options." Wish us luck with our new girlie :)

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We will be praying for her that something can be done to help her with the little hind end, but other all it looks like a good physical. :colgate We wish you lots of luck and happiness with your new girl.

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Sending prayers and hugs to your sweet baby girl. :grouphug Our Angel Sophia was a big girl...78 pounds...a very tall girl with a very long body.


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

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Adding good wishes for your Annie from here -



Me too!


Cynthia, & Cristiano, galgo
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Guest greytbookert

I think everyone's positive thoughts are doing Annie some good! This evening she jogged for the first time... well more like a fast walk but it is a start!

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Adding my good wishes to Annie - she sounds like she is in very good hands in your care. Please keep us updated on her progress.


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Healing thoughts sending your way.....


Our 'old girl' injured herself somehow and synovial fluid escaped from a snapped ligament on one of her discs and put pressure on her spinal chord, over a period of time, under the vets supervision we tried different remedys as you do.........

Found that accupuncture worked brilliantly.

Went for what we called 'top-ups' now and again whenever she looked like she needed it, after the initial intensive treatment at first.

Eventually over time as she got a lot older with more aches and creaks all over, we went more down the route of stronger pain relief drugs rather than herbal /holistic.


It really did work, as animals don't have pre-conceived ideas, she did improve somewhat significantly with accupuncture.

Run free our beloved Sir Snowy, Pip, Queenie, Sadie, Tess & Rosie until we meet again......I would rather feel the thorn than to never see the rose

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