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Small Loose Nodule/lump-should I Be Worried?

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I noticed a small (maybe 1 cm or so) nodule on Peanut a few days ago. It's on her back, is loose and not attached, but may be getting bigger. DH says it feels the same to him, but I'm paranoid and feel it's getting a little larger (again it's only been a few days, so I'm likely just paranoid). She goes in for her dental and corn removal in 2 weeks so I'll have them look at her. Should I be worried? Insist on a biopsy or removal while she's sedated? Because it's loose, I'm less concerned and am hoping it's a fatty growth, but this is the first time we've ever felt anything like this on our greys. Any thoughts?

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Iceman has a lot of these - it seems like they all popped up in the last few years as he got older. We have had every one of them aspirated and they have all been fatty tumors, but I would rather let the vet tell me that than assume.


Having said that, if it isn't growing larger, I would wait until your appt in 2 weeks unless you see any changes. Hugs to you, I am sure it is just a fatty lipoma.

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