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Very Off Balance Dog

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My husband has been walking the dogs as I am recupperating from cervical spine surgery. this morning when they returned i noticed missy was very off balance and wobbly. He said they both went after a squirrel (double lead) and nearly pulled him down. it appears her front leg leg is most affected,yet her back legs are also shaky.

history: Missy gets metacam for arthritis/shoulder injury. had episodes of back leg dragging/treated for LS with shots with not much change. she gets accupunture, which has helped a lot. she was doing pretty good and with not feeling well for so long myself; i kind of neglected to make her monthly appt.

Now this happened. I am hoping she pulled something when she went after the squirrel. I did double her metacam today when she returned from the walk. otherwise she is acting normal...just very wobbly and unsteady on her feet.


I have accupuncture scheduled to come tomorrow and will call the vet...but it is really hard for me to get there. I can't drive with this brace ...she needs to be lifted into the car....not sure when my husband will be home..so i am looking for advice please. the dogs have been an issue between my husband and myself since i am unable to do anything with them now....


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