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Bee Stinger

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I was walking lexie and all of a sudden she litfed her paw and I looked and saw a half dead bee. It looked like it stung her on one of her pads. She limped a little till we got home and I put ice on it which stopped the swelling. It isn't swollen now just a lil red. I was thinking later..how do I know if the stinger came out. I don't have a magnifying glass to look? Are there signs I should look for? I figure if it doesn't swell up tomorrow or get any redder it should be ok. Anyone have any experience with this?



I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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Run your fingertip across her pad very lightly, try all different directions. If the stinger is there, it'll feel like a teensy piece of wire sticking out of her pad, and then you can scrape it out. I'd think you'd be able to see it on a pad, tho. Give it a look-see with your naked eyes and a good strong light (flashlight).

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Guest charmsmom

You can also put Benadryl on the pad to stop the reaction. My DD got stung the other day and Benadryl had the redness and swelling gone by the next morning. :)

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