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11/27/1995 - 08/16/2008


My Buddy. When you first came home to us you were cast off from several families, through no fault of yours. You walked into the house and never looked back. You were space aggressive and a bit of a loner. But you didn't stay that way for long. You needed a family to love you, we needed someone to help and show our love to. Rama needed someone to show her the ropes, and you and your strength were able to come in and help giver her the confidence she needed. You saved me--You came to us just as another member of our family left us in a violent end. I would never have been able to make it through the rough time if I didn't have you to help through your transition and help through your medical problems.


My Prince. You've had so many medical issues, including being attacked by another dog. You came through everything with the heart of a lion. You loved life while you could. You inspired me more than anyone could imagine. Your spark and zest for life have been a constant inspiration to me in my life.


My Caesar. We had to say goodbye today, and it was the most difficult thing I have had to do. We would never make you suffer, and you fell quietly asleep with your Mom and Dad holding you. Know that you will always be right in our hearts. Thank-you, Caesar, for everything you have given us. Thank-you for sharing your life with us. Four years of learning, frustration, laughing, snuggling, LIVING. We will always love you.



Jayme with Pippi (the scaredy-beagle)
In the memories of all of my Bridge-babies I'd like to remind people to choose adoption--and that it's not just dogs and cats that are available!

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I'm so sorry Jay.


Run with the angels Caesar.....

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Jayme, I am so sorry to read this. What kind words you have for your boy. He was one special dog and you all were so lucky to have found each other.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Caesar sounds like a remarkable dog. It was just meant to be that he came into your life when he was needed most. I know your heart is breaking - I hope all the wonderful memories of Caesar will help to heal your heartache.

:f_pink :f_pink :f_pink



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It sounds like your home was destined for him. I am sorry for your loss.


Run free Caeser, run free....

Kyle with Stewie ('Super C Ledoux, Super C Sampson x Sing It Blondie) and forever missing my three angels, Jack ('Roy Jack', Greys Flambeau x Miss Cobblepot) and Charlie ('CTR Midas Touch', Leo's Midas x Hallo Argentina) and Shelby ('Shari's Hooty', Flying Viper x Shari Carusi) running free across the bridge.

Gus an coinnich sinn a'rithist my boys and little girl.

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I'm so sorry for your loss - rest in peace Caesar.



When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

Always Greyhounds Home Boarding and Greyhounds With Love House Sitting

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