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My Grandfather


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My beloved grandfather passed away last Thursday. In a way, it was a blessing because the last 2 weeks of his life were painful and he wanted it to be over.


But since he was an incredible dog lover, and because GTers have been so supportive, it seemed appropriate to post a rememberence here, a bit from the Eulology I delivered and a bit about dogs.


My grandfather taught me many things, to manage my money wisely, a good work ethic, how to have a loving and respectful marriage (of 58 years), but most importantly he taught me compassion.


When I married my husband, my grandfather embraced him fully as another grandson, and over time he shared many stories with him that were too painful to share with me. One of the ones I learned, was of the time when he lived on the streets, at 14. An amazing couple, lured him in by bringing him candy, and kept him and raised him as their own. When I learned this, it all of a sudden made another of my grandfather's habbits make more sense.


My grandfather loved sales, and two-for-one bargains, and whole sale clubs. And he would buy all this food, often food he didn't need, and donate it to the church food pantry. Maybe not that significant, who here hasn't done that. But he went a step further. With his donations, he always added a few bags of candy. Because, he said, no child, no matter how poor their parents, should go without some candy now and then.


And this was who my grandfather was my entire life. A man who experienced many hard things, but always turned them into compassion for others. He was so proud of all of us, I only hope that we can live up to what he saw and loved in us.


He used to joke that he was the best Grandfather _______ I ever had. But the truth is, he was a far better Grandfather than I could ever have wished for.


And now, for GT. One of my earliest memories was my first dog, Pippin, going bannannas whenever Grandpa came to visit, or even when our car turned on to our street. Over the years, he took in so many stray dogs, just as he took in stray family members. It's a tribute to him that ever single one of his grandchildren who are out on their own, share their lives with at least one dog. And in this past year, since he was diagnosed, he has not only enjoyed the visits of his friends and families, but as often our possible our dogs.


If you read all this, thank you. This is the closest I've come to processing my loss so its a bit in-articulate.

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I read your tribute to your grandfather (and cried) and it could have been me writing the same thing about my grandfather. My grandfather was my hero. He taught me to love gardening, animals, to be kind to people no matter what they did to me (I've since sometimes questioned this advice), and he was truly a generous loving soul. I know how you feel and aren't we fortunate to have had someone in our lives that gave us so much. The day that my grandfather died, I received a letter from him in my mailbox (he lived in Florida the last few months of his life but we always communicated) describing his garden and what it looked like and what he intened to do. We are both very lucky people to have had such wonderful grandfathers. I'm sure he was very proud of you.

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Beautiful. I am so very sorry for your loss. :grouphug :grouphug

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I am so sorry...Never forget; Where ever you go...he is one step behind you always. :grouphug:f_red


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I never knew either of my grandfathers, but your tribute reminded me of my daddy. Thank you for sharing it with me today.

Its comforting to know he's in heaven watching over me today. I'll bet he's caught up with my dad!


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I am so sorry. :candle He knew you loved him and that you learned from him, and that knowledge is certain to have given him great joy. :grouphug

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