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Beans And The Ppa

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Just an update for everyone who's hound is on PPA...


Beans started on the PPA just shy of 2 months ago. We were giving him a greatly reduced amount (12.5 mg 2 times a day) and were seeing an improvement. Then we went down to 1 12.5 mg pill a day and things were still good.


Last weekend I watched him eat around the 1/4 pill (we put it in the kibble) and then spit it out on the floor when he picked it up with the last 2 pieces of kibble. I decided not to force it in him. My DH tried to offer him one by hand the next day - same thing - he refused again.


In light of others reports regarding their dogs response to PPA (not wanting to take it, being forced to, and having bad health issues later), we stopped giving it to him. He's been wearing a belly band since Monday and has been doing pretty well - just a small leak here and there.


Thanks to everyone who gave me their stories of hounds on PPA.

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Guest paulamariez

I'm glad your sweet baby Beans is doing well without his meds. I don't know anything about PPA, but it sounds like your hound is a lot happier without the medication. I will keep your sweetie in my prayers! Tiger, Bueller and Domino are sending Beans some doggie kisses too!

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Interesting. I've had the experience with Eliza and Rimadyl and have seen others forced to take meds they didn't want after taking them willingly, and they have had disasterous results.


I'd still do a round of antibiotics if this just started and see what happens.


Sending prayers

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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I may be the one who started the thread about avoiding PPA or Proin because we lost our Sparkle to a hemmorhagic stroke after she took the stuff for 5 years. She was constantly fighting me and spitting it out. I tell this story every chance I get so that others don't force their dogs to take it or any other med with possible bad side effects if they resist taking it. They know more than we give them credit for.


Marcia in SC, still missing Sparkle (1992-2005)

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Guest ChasesMum

Interesting! You go Beans!


On occasion Chase decides not to eat her Thyrotab. We never force it down her either and we've never had an issue either.


My mom's diabetic cat comes and reminds her its time for his insulin shot! lol

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