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Ham Is Actually Having A "normal" Day Today!

Guest valtoy

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Guest valtoy

Guess I should just be more patient. This morning, Ham went for his 6:00 am walk, had his greenie, went back to sleep, but got up when I was ready to go to the store and wanted his "morning ride", just like he used to. Before I run any errands, I have to take Ham around the block for a ride, or he won't let me leave the house! Ha Ha. He was standing by the back door, and when I asked him if he wanted to go, he got excited and we went out. He jumped into the truck just like he used to, even with only one front leg now. He rides in the space behind the seats in my Chevy pickup (it's got little jump seats that fold up into the side, so there is a pretty big space - he can even lay down back there.) Anyway, when I came back from the store, he was looking out the windows on the back porch and he had to look in all the grocery bags. Then I made lunch, as usual, but this time, he waited and I gave him tuna fish from the can and put some in his food and he cleaned it all up! Guess he was just sick of eating hamburgers...


Then another nap for him. I hope he has dinner today too (we are having fish on the grill, so he should like that)

Maybe he is finally getting back to his old self.

I'm still not giving him any pills. If he doesn't look like he is in pain, I'm not giving him any Metacam, since it was really only for his pain and if his arthritus acts up or something. It actually gave him an appitite as he has been taking it for the past month (when he started limping and it never made him not want to eat)


Well, maybe this is a turning point, but I have to accept that he will still have good days and bad days. It's hard not to feel optimistic and then it's harder when he has a bad day as I get depressed again. That's why more and more, I'm opting to not go thru the chemo. I want him painfree for as long as possible and taking the leg solved that problem, but I don't want any more meds, treatments or pills. I just want him his old self for as long as possible.


It occurred to me that he had a soft tissue sarcoma, a lump on the side of his leg for over a year and a half before his leg started to bother him. In December 2006, the lump appeared and the vet did a simple "needle" aspiration (no biopsy) and it came back malignant (but at the time, my vet said we could just keep an eye on it as it was not effecting his walking or running. He never limped at all, just had a lump. Anyway, until July 28th 2008, the leg never showed any signs of pain and the lump never got bigger. I was advised that we could not remove the lump due to the place it was, on the thin bone area in the center of his left front leg. They also said it was unlikely to spread beyond the leg. They would want to take the whole leg and I wouldn't do that to a dog that is still enjoying himself with no pain, running and playing, so maybe whatever cancer cells may still be in him, will also be "slow moving" and I may get more time without chemo. Don't know, but I'm willing to take that chance.



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Very glad to hear that Ham is back to his usual self. :yay Would still suggest you investigate using Artemisinin with him. Ohio State U. (Dr. Couto) has a good protocol to follow, and it might give you much more quality time with your sweet boy. Holley Pharm. is a good place to order it from. :)

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