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Will Acupuncture Help Or Other Suggestions ?

Guest Spencers_Momof4

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Guest Spencers_Momof4

I have a 13 year old healthy female

She does have a wobbly hind end when she gets up lately

Recently - past 3 weeks when she wakes up she has either pooped in her sleep or when she first wakes up

Happens about 50% of the time

There has been no change in her diet or meds

What can I do to help her with this ?

Acupuncture? and what would I expect with acupuncture

Feeding her three meals instead of two ?

Any suggestions would be a great help

Thank you

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Our vet clinic provides acupuncture. I have seen an older Doberman getting it done for hip problems. It was a nice day and they were out on the lawn in the sun and good weather. The dog looked pretty damn relaxed!


I get acupuncture. Doesn't really hurt. I have it done for my immune system, liver and spleen because of my chemo treatments.


I know most that get it for pain and such get positive reactions., so I'd give it a shot. If you don't see results then you can stop.

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I have taken Alan for acupuncture 6 times and have seen an improvement in his knuckling and wobbliness. He still has some rear leg weakness, but its better. Although he was crazed going, it helped his general well being too. I would recommend that you try it. I saw an improvement after the second treatment. Good luck with your grey.

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I e-mailed my 'voo-doo' doc. Here's the response:



Hi Lauri,


Yes, dogs can respond very well to acupuncture - your dog appears to have a nerve conduction issue deriving from abnormal pressure on the spinal nerves running along the spine. Impaired spinal nerve conduction can cause the type symptoms you're describing. Of course, your vet will have to come up with the diagnosis. The causes of this type of problem are generally aging and/or trauma to the spine.


As far as treatment goes, I'd suggest taking your dog to a veterinary acupuncturist - there's a good one I've heard about at Buellton Veterinary Clinic - I haven't met the vet who does acupuncture, but have heard good things. Generally, you would also be advised to give your dog supplements/medications in addition to acupuncture treatment - again, consult with the vet on this.


Hope this helps some!


See you this week,





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One of the other things you can do is make the accidents as easy as possible to deal with. Our elderly whippet can't always hold it through the night these days. We got a large ex-pen that we can use to somewhat limit his sleeping area, and a bunch of rubber-backed mats to put over the carpet there. If he has to go before we get him outside, easy matter to pick up the mat, take it outside, and hose it down. Might still have to launder his bedding if things splashed or he went in his sleep, but no scrubbing the carpet. He's happy, we're happy. :)

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Acupuncture can help with many issues. Mandy had terrible back spasms that caused her to go lame (turned out to be she was walking wrong because of corns on her feet). We started acupuncture and it helped tremendously. Now she goes every 8-10 weeks for a "touch up".


Mandy is a bit of a Drama Queen. When we first started going, she would whine up a storm. Now, a couple of years later, she only whines a little. It's interesting to watch, though, she'll be laying on the carpet, and her belly starts out pale, almost white, in color, then as the blood starts flowing, it turns a dark pink. She normally gets about 10 needles in her spine from her shoulder blades to her hips. They stay in for about 20 minutes, or until she shakes them out and the vet has to put more in.


One thing the vet who referred me to the Acupuncturist said: "Acupuncture is an art as well as a science, sometimes if you don't get the results you're looking for, you may consider a different acupuncturist."


I can say I've also had acupuncture (and I am hugely needle-phobic) for crippling neck spasms. It was almost miraculous. In 3 visits, the spasms were only annoying, not painful, and in 6 visits, there were no more spasms.


It's definitely worth a try. The acupuncturist will place the needles based on your description of the issues and feedback from the dog.


Good luck!!

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My Teddy is 4.5 and has been having acupunture since before his 4th BD. He has cpmpression on his disks and it has been much better since we started. We also have him on many natural supplements for joints.



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