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Blitz Update, Sun Evening 8/10

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DH and I agree that Blitz's eyelid is less swollen than it was before the intralesional injection Thursday morning - we went to help my parents move into their house this weekend, and they also commented that it looked better from between when we arrived Friday afternoon and when I examined it again on Saturday. The most swollen part is the innermost part, and I would not be surprised to learn that he has a secondary bacterial infection that is laughing at the antibiotics we've tried so far. However, we shall see - he has a follow up appointment on the 23rd. We are to continue to use his erythromycin ointment in his eye and on his eyelid (outside of his eyelid is ulcerated), and are also giving him Benedryl.


"Funny" story from Thursday when Blitz was at Dr. Weigt's office. We had a pretty nasty thunderstorm roll through, and knowing that Blitz is mildly to moderately thunderphobic, I decided to call Dr. Weigt's office and give them a heads up about that so they didn't attribute his behavior to anesthesia or injection reaction. The tech answered the phone, and I said, "This is Deanna Swartzfager, you have my Blitz there today..." and she said, "yes, he's right here next to me... he doesn't like thunder much, does he?" I laughed and told her that was why I was calling. Apparently, he was agitated when she walked him outside before the thunderstorm, and then started howling after she put him back in his cage. He was better being next to her and closer to the center of the building.

Deanna with galgo Willow, greyhound Finn, and DH Brian
Remembering Marcus (11/16/93 - 11/16/05), Tyler (2/3/01 - 11/6/06), Frazzle (7/2/94 - 7/23/07), Carrie (5/8/96 - 2/24/09), Blitz (3/28/97 - 6/10/11), Symbra (12/30/02 - 7/16/13), Scarlett (10/10/02 - 08/31/13), Wren (5/25/01 - 5/19/14),  Rooster (3/7/07 - 8/28/18), Q (2008 - 8/31/19), and Momma Mia (2002 - 12/9/19).

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Such wonderful news! :wub::grouphug


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