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Any Tips On How To Cover A Tummy Incision?

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Bailey is starting to feel better, hence the licking of her entire body. :blink:

She is oozing a little at her stitches and is licking them. Any tips on how to cover that area with a t-shirt or something? She will lick through any sort of cream or spray, so that's not even an option. I have order some EMT spray, but it won't be in until next Tuesday.

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Guest Carla



Can you put a large tshirt on her?


Put her front legs thru the arms and her head thru the neck of the tshirt.


I have to keep a long sleeved tshirt on Mickey for a lick granuloma.


I put one leg in then his head and then the other leg.

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Guest trevdog

tshirt, tie or cut if needed to adjust so she can't get to the incision. It kept Dallas away from hers when she had stomach surgery. I'm also guessing she will not be feeling well for awhile and not as active. It took Dallas about 6 weeks to return to normal.

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(sorry Bailey!)

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Guest tampagreymom

I used 4-legged jammies for my girlie and it stopped her from licking her incision. Some websites have them ready-made or others can make them quickly if you tell them what it will be used for.

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

For a non-grey, I used 2 t-shirts. A v-neck on backwards (to be able to pee). I then took needle and thread and using huge stitches, stitched them together.

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Judiciously taped muzzle. This is what worked to keep Joseph away from his tummy incision:










I didn't have to tape up the sides because when he turned to lick his tummy, the only way he could reach was to use the very bottom part of the muzzle.


I did unmuzzle from time to time when I noticed him wanting to perform Necessary Grooming Tasks, and of course to eat. If I was right there in the room (and awake), I usually took it off. But he wore it all night, every night, and any time no one was home, for two weeks.

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We used 4-legged jammies for Jasmine and they work greayt. I hope she is feeling better real soon. :getwell

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I just went through this with Teo, and I found a few great solutions:


4-legged jammies (Kerry of NoNudeHounds was a champion in getting them to me in literally a day).

A coat that velcroes all the way around the belly, and will cover the incision.

And finally, a Bite-Not collar (far better than an E-collar)


So glad Bailey is home and recovering!


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Guest mightyquinn

I used a ribbed man's tank undershirt ("beater" as the kids call them). They tend to be narrower in the body and also longer. Quinn had a cut on his side near his hip and it worked great. I thought I had a photo, but not on this computer.... it does work.

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Guest greygirl25

Bite-NOT collars are the best!

We have used them successfully on many greys with incisions located from the neck to the hind end and legs.


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