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Blitz's Results And Potential Therapy

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Since some folks were missing my update in the other thread, I started a new one. There are no signs of a tumor; it's basically a chronic, septic inflammation - pyogranulomatous fibrosis. Dr. Patty had been thinking it was a spider bite, and she thinks the diagnosis confirms that. Blitz's body simply overreacts to any kind of trauma - we've seen that in the past.


So Dr. Weigt wants to put him on oral steroids, but he gets UTI's and urinates in the house (despite having a dog door) when on even a fairly low dose of prednisone. I talked to Patty about that, and she said there are other steroids that may not cause that to happen. She also had the idea of an intralesional injection of steroids - we're going to do more research into that. I have not actually spoken to Dr. Weigt yet - she had left a message on our machine yesterday, and she is at one of their offices that does not have a phone line (?!) today, so the receptionist said Dr. Weigt would call on Monday.


So we wait, and Patty and I do some research, and we continue with Blitz's prednisolone eyedrops. At least we know that we can discontinue the Benedryl, and the ciprofloxicin was finished this morning.

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One of my greys got a spider bite a couple of years ago. From what we can tell, she tried to eat it - she goes after that kind of stuff. Anyway, her mouth, face and throat swelled up. She got to spend some time at the vet on IV steroids and who remembers what else to get the swelling down. Good luck! Those bites can be really nasty!


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Sending my prayers. :grouphug


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