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Hampton Roads Virginia Vet Recomendations

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Hi everyone.


I wonder in any of the local Virginia folks could help me out in finding a good vet. I am adopting soon and need a place beforehand.


I've looked on the pinned State-by-State Vet List and there was nothing for my area. I've also been looking online but havent found anyplace that says they specialize in hounds. So before I start calling these places one by one (which still doesn't tell me if they're any good) I thought I'd ask you folks to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.


I'm specifically looking for one in Virginia Beach.


Thank you in advance! :paw


Lisa with Finnegan (Nina's Fire Fly) and Sage (Gil's Selma). Always missing Roscoe
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Guest das1075

Have you asked your adoption group? I chose a vet in my area based on a recommendation from the president of my group. They're the most likely to have scoop on the area vets.



ETA: My DBF is from Virginia Beach. I've really enjoyed my visits to his family down there!

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Lisa, I use

Highlands Veterinary Center

1615 Volvo Pkwy

Chesapeake VA


They are right on the line of VaBch and Chesapeake.


They have hound experience. I have been there for 20yrs. We are AAHA certified and I make sure we have the latest medical info on hounds.

You can call me at the above number if you have any questions.




CAROL & Molleigh (Queen Molly)
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My nephew works at a vet office in Virginia Beach. I'll ask him if they have many greyhound clients. Might take few days for a response.


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The vet we use in VB is Dr. Honaker at Bay Beach Veterinary Medical located at 4340 Virginia Beach Blvd. We only recently switched to him because the director of GNAP, Gay Latimer, told us that is where we should be going as he has a lot of experience with Greys. Phone number is 340-3913 if you are interested.

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