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Lucky's Progress

Guest Greytminds

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Guest Greytminds

Well yet another week has gone by and Lucky's sucess continues. No seziures and the less PB he is on the stronger and happier he is. The cooked diet is just amazing for his recoop. As we continue to drop his meds I keep huming the little Indian song. When we brought him in to our pack he got 12 pills a day. Including antibiotics, Flaggyl Pottasium Bromide, Pheno Barbitol.


So know we are down to 4 little Indians: 2PB & 2 Pottasium Bromide. As of Sunday it will be 3 little Indians 1PB & 2 Pottasium Bromides.


Cant wait to be able to stop that song from playing in my Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink::blink::blink:



But Lucky is doing great and the meds keep dropping. He has recently become a real velcro. Now that he is strong in the hind quaters he jumps on the bed and snuggles close to me at bed time and does not move till its time to get up. No more late night bathroom breaks. Thank God those 2 AM potty breaks were a killer...



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