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Throwing Up And Gurgling Tummy

Guest Gingy

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Guest Gingy

This morning when DH woke up at 5, Lucy started heaving and threw up a little pile of carrot chunks from her dinner, a leaf from a fake plant in the house, and bile. She was whining and pacing a little, and she kept going after more fake plants in the house (digging at them and trying to eat them). Her stomach was making extremely loud gurgling/rumbling noises, so loud i could hear it across the room.


I took her outside, thinking we were getting ready for the big D, but her stool was pretty normal, only slightly softer than normal. While i was walking her around to pee and stuff, she ate a lot of grass, which she threw up outside with some foam. I started to freak out thinking it was bloat or something, but after she threw up the last time and pooped her stomach got less noisy, she stopped whining, and seemed to be ok.


She was still as active as normal, and ate some kibbles for breakfast later on. She hasn't thrown up again, but i'm concerned because she's never done this before. She did get ahold of a small container of cat treats that she counter surfed her way to yesterday during the day, but I would have thought that if it was the treats she would have been sick yesterday?


Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Guest alannamac

Hi, try not to worry too much unless this becomes a regular or frequent thing, or you see blood in the vomit.

My pup Bandit does this every time I've given him something that doesn't agree with his system, and it's usually the next morning when the big stomach burbbles and lots of grass eating goes on. In his case, it's usually related to a special treat, like a plain fast food hamburger or something like that (which I've learned to just avoid doing, as sometimes it agrees with him and sometimes it really doesn't....I think it depends on how much fat is in them......it's a shame, because he loves it and is soooo happy when he gets one!) Now if it's a treat it's just plain, broiled chicken breast with no bun.


So, something's probably not agreeing with your baby's system and it's likely something she between lunch and bedtime yesterday.

Hope she's feeling better soon.


P.S. Keep the houseplants live and fake out of her reach as these can be quite dangerous. Outdoor grass is fine. You can even bring a handful in for her if taking her outside is inconvenient (thunderstorms etc)

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My Mac upchucks when ever his tummy is real empty....usually just snotty yellow bile ...so right after wake up and our first "quick out the door and pee in the back yard" it's back inside for 2 liver brownies before our walk ...if I don't do this' about 2/3's of the time he'll heave some where during the walk....except for the plastic leaf sounds similar to what happens to my boy ..if it happens on a regular basis you may want to try slipping your pup a bite or two of some well liked goodie....

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The carrot chunks and fake leaf would not digest, plus the cat treats didn't help, and probably had to come up. I would feed her a bland diet for a few days to make sure her stomach is healed from the irritation.

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