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The Saga Continues...

Guest jturchi2

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Guest jturchi2

Hi everyone. For those of you who read about Dye 3 months ago, well it seems that we were making progress but have now taken a pretty large step back. I have some questions about arthritis.


To catch everyone up...4 months ago Dye was in an accident with another dog. Basically the dog ran right through Dye. She ended up tearing her collateral cruciate ligament (the one that is on the outside of her knee and leg). She had 5 surgeries where the 5th one involved putting an external fixator on her knee to provide stability for scar tissue to form. She had the fixator on for 6 weeks. When it was removed Dye was a trooper. I don't know if anyone has any experience with those...but let's just say they didn't sedate Dye! She didn't even yelp! :) What a girl. We waited 2 weeks, went in for a recheck and started her first week of rehab...


...3 weeks ago when we went to ISU and Dye was checked by her surgeon, she said that she didn't feel any arthritis in her knee and we started her first week of rehab. Now we are three weeks after that and Dye went back today to start her 2nd week of rehab. The person in charge of the rehab was feeling Dye's knee and noticed some "popping" in her knee when she flexed it. It didn't seem to bother Dye, but it bothered the doctor a little. She said she was going to have the two senior ortho residents take a look at Dye this morning just to make sure that things were still okay and we could move forward with the rehab. What the doctors found was an extensive (whatever that means) amount of arthritis in Dye's knee. It comes as a real shock considering three weeks ago there was hardly...if any at all.


Is this uncommon for arthritis to show up so suddenly? I mean I know I should expect it since she had trauma to her joint and 5 surgeries. I guess I was just expecting it to be more gradual. Will it just continue to get worse and to what extent?


Do any of you have experience with a grey with arthritis? Does is really seem to slow your pup down? Can he/she still run and play with stuffies? How often does it seem to "flare up"?


Does anyone have any experience with a trauma like this (or similar)? Did your dog make a full recovery? What (if any) are some things that he/she isn't allowed or just cannot do anymore?


My biggest fear is that we went through all of this...5 surgeries...weeks of rehab...to try and save Dye's leg, and now she will be in pain for the rest of her life. She is only 5 and has a long life yet. I just want her to be happy, healthy, and able to do the things she loves--running and playing with stuffies.


Any information would be greatly appreciated. I don't think I've stopped crying since coming home from ISU today...



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Try not to panic. The popping may not hurt her but after 5 surgeries, some arthritis is probably to be expected.


A friend who has no computer so I'll speak for her :) has a 3 year old dog who had a broken hock that wasn't really dealt with well before she got her. She now has problems and arthritis. She's had to keep her very quiet for a year and a half but she's basically OK. She didn't have any therapy -- basically just long periods of rest and no running.


She's bopping around now though, despite her arthritis, so there *is* hope.


I hope Dye winds up the same way but four months is way to soon to expect complete recovery. If she were my dog, I'd not let her play wildly with her toys for a few months. Give her time to heal.


Marcia in SC

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Guest trevdog

I'd get her started on some glucosamine supplements. My boy Jam had a broken hock, sometimes the damp weather would bother him. Glucosamine really helped.

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I agree, time and rest, and no activities that aren't OK'd by the therapists.

For quite a few years I have given my dogs Fresh Factors and Joint Health from Springtime for their glucosamine, chondrotin and msm. I really recommend them for any dogs who have had injuries or are just starting to get a little creaky in the joints.

link to Springtime

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Guest jturchi2

Hi Everyone.

Thank you for your replies. I am really nervous because it seems the arthritis came on so suddenly, but I knew it was to be expected. I will definitely look into the supplements. I pick Dye up on Saturday, so I'll see where the doctors recommend getting the supplements. I've talked with the physical therapist today and Dye seems to be doing great this week. She has been able to extend her time on the underwater treadmill, and the ortho surgeons that looked at her felt confident that her knee was still healing and improving (minus the arthritis).

We've agreed on another week of rehab in a few weeks, and Dye will have another recheck when her original surgeon (Dr.Nievas) is back in town...in 3 weeks! Hopefully I am doing what is right by Dye. I didn't want to go through all of this (we could have just amputated in the beginning) for Dye to be in pain the rest of her life. I feel like I've let her down so much as her mom...I should have protected her better... :(


Thanks for the support. I'll keep looking for ways to keep Dye comfortable, happy, and healthy.



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You've done an AMAZING job for Dye -- never doubt that!


The phys. therapist and surgeon should be able to advise you about exercises you can do on your own to help her in between pt sessions. I wouldn't give up yet -- she's still recovering from her surgeries, and it could be that as she regains some strength and mobility in that leg, the arthritis will turn out to be a minor thing.

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Guest Hotwire

I think you are doing what is best for your pup, please don't beat yourself up! Strength is the only treatment that has been found to reverse arthritis, so as long as she is doing the proper strengthening (like you have her doing) she has the chance to improve. She may be able to be symptom free for years! I would try the supplements, glucosamine takes up to 3 months to be effective, so don't give up if you don't see immediate results.


*Hugs* If more pups had people willing to do what you have, the world would be a better place!

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