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Oops Maybe?

Guest lauri

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Guest lauri

The sulfacrate says to give 40 minutes after other meds.


Miles is now very hungry and been eating bits of chicken the last couple of days and a bit of rice. He hates the noodles!


Anyway just now I soaked a handful of kibble in chicken broth and while he was eating I threw a pill of famotidine (same as pepcid) in with his food.


I had given him the sulfacrate about 5 minutes earlier.


Did I read here that some give the two together?


What's up with the 40 minutes after other meds thing gonna do?




By the way...although very thin, Miles is almost back to himself! B)

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I know you can give zantac an hour after, but other meds the carafate needs to be given 2 hours after. Carafate coats the stomach, thereby interferring with absorbtion of other meds. The best I've found is meds then carafate an hour after. It's hard when giving a bunch of meds to spread them out, especially if you work!


Try potatoes :)

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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Guest twilliams

I was told to give Pepcid at least 40 minutes prior to any foods and sulfacrate. My dog's problem was keeping down foods and other meds because of the effects of chemo. Giving the Pepcid first really did help.

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