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Seizures And Diaheria

Guest Greytminds

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Guest Greytminds

Ok now that Lucky seems to be on the right track with his diet,lower doses of meds ect. It got me thinking of the coalation of diet and diaheria with dogs that have seizures. So far I know of three hounds who have seizures and also have issues with diaheria. It stands to reason if a dog is loosing all its nutrients from pet food because of diaheria it could complicate there imune system which brings on sezures and meds that can cause sezuires.


So I guess my question is how many out there have seziure dogs that are troubled with diaheria? Trying to see if there is a colation. I know Lucky did big time and was put on meds for it and had several break through grand mal seziures.

He is off the flagyl for a long time and he only poops solid logs once a day because of a home cooked diet.


Just trying to learn more as we go along.


Thanks Paul

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Cullen had problems with diarrhea when he developed seizures just before his 8th birthday. We think it was from his seizure and Lyme disease meds as he had zero bowel issues beforehand. We gave him tylosin powder to stop the diarrhea. He absolutely had to have it; if he missed a dose, he'd get diarrhea.


It's bitter; I put the powder in gelatin caps. Best wishes; I hope you find something that works for Lucky.


Marcia in SC

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Guest EmilyAnne

How interesting! Henry has been getting a severe case of diarrhea on average once a month. Lasts about two days and is *true* diarrhea. I used to treat with Flagyll, but now I just fast him for 24 hours and wait and see. The last two times he came through ok without the antibiotics. *whew*


As soon as our van is out of the shop, (it's undergoing major repairs) we are going to the grocery store to get everything we need to start this homecooked diet. I am excited!


Something interesting: I put both my dogs on veggie goop (added to their kibble).


Henry who has epilepsy, had no change in stools except a darker color.


Riley who does not have epilepsy and has always been blessed with perfect health, started having excessive bowel movements and so I stopped adding the veggie goop to his kibble.


It's like Riley just didnt need the extra vitamins so his body pushed them out the back door, while Henry's body needed it and put those vitamins to work rather than push them out the back door.

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My seizure grey had no problems with diarrhea, even when she started on phenobarb. I'm glad the home cooked diet is working for Lucky!


greymom :D

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Red ditto with Ryan's problem too. :puke



Ryan's a seizure dog without poop problems (well, poop problem as in he'd like to eat it, but no problem with the D or anything :lol)



Nancy and

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