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Gastro Issues...

Guest lauri

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Guest lauri

How can you tell that your hound has a possible blockage?


Miles got ahold of something in a styrofoam container that my daughter left out. The container was mostly intact, and he never eats something that isn't edible. This was probably a week and some change.


But he's had water poops for the last couple of days, wanting to eat and feeling and looking fine. Eating grass and threw up a few meals again.


He's had gastrointestinal issues a lot lately. MAJOR testing to the tune of $700 shows nothing apparent.


We've had him on EVO, the poultry one, and boiled chicken breast and his cookies only.


Aside from whatever crap my daughter left out.



We returned from vacation and Mike picked up poop. He said there was not much. My mom can't remember if she picked up poop!



I just Googled some sites.


He IS passing gas - horribly!

No abdominal fullness or distention.

Vomiting has stopped.



Vet had mentioned that he could be just experiancing old age...

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Guest ChasesMum

when Chase blocked, she couldnt keep even water down which made me rush her to the evet, but she ate part of a silicone funnel. Even at that, it took 6 weeks for it to happen. She was vommitting bile at night, our vet suggested feeding her a little more at night and see if it helped and that if it did it wasnt likely to be the funnel. It did help, but she still blocked about a month later.


I don't remember about poop. but styrofoam probably would pass with little issue - at least around here. xrays etc should show a blockage and if she has had major workups,


Have you tried a bland diet of rice and boiled chicken or beef to give his guts a rest?

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Guest LindsaySF

Keep him away from the grass, see if the vomiting stops.


Can he keep water down? See if he keeps the chicken and rice down.


Has he been tested for worms lately?


It's possible that he just has a sensitive tummy, and eating food that is out of the norm set him off.....

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Guest lauri

No more throwing up, and he isn't 'sick to his stomach' as he WANTS to eat!


I found a bit of diarrhea with some undigested rice, but it was not even close to a full meal worth.


He JUST had every test done - negative on worms - and is on heartworm with interceptor. I can't keep him from eating grass as he's got a dog door and I'm not going to lock him in the house. No grass in the poop and like I said, no more puking. He only horked up a bit from 2 different meals.


We jut got back from vacation. Mom said he was fine but she could tell he was lonesome for us. I'm wondering if in his old age he can get these emotional upset tummy stuff.



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Guest lauri

Thanks...he's been doing fine on EVO.


BUT I was wondering if it could be the food. He's done fine on this one so far, (3-4 bags) but I guess things can change. He was on Califronia Natural and the worst of the issues started after they skewed their formula a bit so I thought it was that.


Still diarreah and not feeling right.


What meds is your dog on?

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Zantac and carafate. She is to the point she cannot eat kibble. She gets frozen BilJac and boiled meat.


Not sure if it's her stomach or bowel or both, but she really stresses. I open the door for her and tell her to go work up a toot (except sometimes I say fart)--I hope my neighbors don't hear me all the time....

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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