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Onions - How Much Is Dangerous

Guest ArgusRun

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Guest ArgusRun

Robbie got a few bites out of my bowl of curry. Couldn't have been more tahn a few pieces of diced onion, but I know it's toxic to dogs.


How much is really dangerous?


Also my doggy is so freakin awesome. Almost three weeks in, he's scared of nothing, does stairs like a champ, not a single accident and I can leave him 8 hours while I'm at work. My neighbor tells me he whines for about 5 minutes, and then sleeps.



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Glad to hear all is well, even better that he's such a great dog! For future reference, I've found that searching this board yields a lot of good info too, especially for figuring out what to do when your dog gets into something he/she shouldn't have gotten into (speaking from personal experience)!

Lima Bean (formerly Cold B Hi Fi) and her enabler, Rally. ☜We're moving West!


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