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Tripod Harness

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When we first brought Marvin home we used a sling under his hind end to help him with walking and with getting up. There is no way I could have put a harness on him with a front leg amputation. After a couple of days we didn't need the sling, I just walked him with his collar. I got a wrap around tag bag from long dog leather for his tags so they wouldn't hit the area. When he was well enough for walks, we just used his collar.

Nancy with Rocket, Umeko and Sasha


Missing Albi, Kassie, Ramm, Ruby, my good boy Marvin and Mickey (BT)



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Northcoast recommends one on their site that looks really good. Like a vest that they wear all the time. I considered it for Jake in his old age but, you're right, the tripods don't really need one after a couple of weeks.

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I hope that is the case that they won't need one, I will use the towel



"To err is human, to forgive, canine" Audrey, Nova, Cosmo and Holden in NY - Darius and Asia you are both irreplaceable and will be forever in my heart beatinghearts.gif
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