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Allergic Reaction? Non-grey

Guest widowcali

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Guest widowcali

A friend of mine has a couple of English Bulldogs and one of them seems to be having allergy problems. So I wanted to get some ideas from you folks.


She keeps breaking out into bumps all over her skin and her tongue swells a little. Not so she cant breath, but it is a little swollen. Benedryl does not seem to be touching it. He gives her 2 every 6 hours (up from 2 every 8 hours) and she is still broken out and red. Even her ears are a little swollen. He has eliminated all cleaning products. Mostly by cleaning without anything except hot water for the last couple of days and she is still broken out. He is not using any chemicals in the yard any more, and she is still broken out. He has switched her food to Flint River, from Eukanuba, and she is still broken out.


Anyone have any other ideas we can try? This is a relativly new thing. It only started about 2 weeks ago. He has taken her to the vet and gotten a couple of different drugs for her to take, but she is still bumpy and swollen. He is taking her to the vet again today, if they have any opening, tomorrow if they don't.


If anyone had this same problem, give me some of the things you tried.



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I would watch her outside to make sure that she's not eating any plants she shouldn't. Also, given that you're in AZ, I'd check into the symptoms of Valley Fever. Here's a link to symptoms that include a mention of a rash. Valley Fever website




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