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Eating Astilbe Plants

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I have noticed that one of my astilbe plants has been disappearing lately. This morning I found the culprit..my 9 year old female greyhound was ripping off the leaves and eating them. Now i realize that I have found her standing in that area of the yard quite often. I checked to be sure the plant was not poison, which it is not. she does have a uti though, not sure if there is a relation.


Still, I don't think eating this can be good! I have decreased the amount I feed her to take some pounds off..maybe she is just hungry?


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Guest SusanP

I have one hound who snatches the leaves of little elm trees on our walks. Only elm leaves. I don't know how she decided she likes these, because she doesn't eat other leaves, only grass. Most of them like some veggies...

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