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Hello From Connecticut!

Guest merelice

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Guest merelice

Hi all,

I have a 5 year old greyhound named Will and a 3 year old whippet named Olivia. I have been browsing the cute things greyhounds do board and I just fell in love with the site. You all have such beautiful doggies!

As soon as I figure out how, I will post pics.


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Guest redreed

Welcome from NJ -- hang out and pictures are always nice, there is a thread on how to post pics in the cute and funny section!!

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Welcome to GT from NC. I have family that lives in Wilton CT.

Amy Human Mommy to fur baby Maddie (Doobiesaurus) TDI certified. May 5, 2002-September 12, 2014 and Mille (Mac's Bayou Baby)CGC, TDI certified.


http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/Chillyhorse/siggies/maddie.jpg"]http://i270. photobucket.com/albums/jj93/Chillyhorse/siggies/maddie.jpg[/img]

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Wecome from Woodbridge Virginia, What part of CT?

I grew up in Mystic.

Rosebudd- I went to school in Groton.


Darlene, Santannah and Selena

Image removed, not within the GreyTalk signature guidelines of <15 KB file size limit. Your image was 33.09 KB (33,886 bytes) file size.


Darlene and Garon with Selena-JCKC 5/23/2005 & Mosa-RDR 2/5/2010

Missing Santannah Belle-NSRA 7/7/2001- 9/6/2012

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