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Cranberry Tablets

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I hope I didn't make Missy's UTI worse...in the past when she had them, her urine was always too alkaline and vet said to give her cranberry tablets. She has one now (went to vet this AM). This is not the same vet that treated her uti in the past. She sent the urine to the lab, put her amox (blood was visible). I didn't mention about the cranberry tablets..I had given her one or two for a couple days to see if it helped her symptoms. (which it didn't). Should I tell her tomorrow when she calls? I thought they would help with any urinary issues..but reading I discovered that it is only helpful if the urine is alkaline; if it is acidic can make it worse. She did start Longevity from springtime about one week ago, which, among other things is supposed to decrease lawn burning from urine. I bought it for her arthritis.

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