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Small Cut On Foot

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Missy is a foot licker..I have tried everything. I check regularly for sores, etc. this morning I saw a small sore in the folds of her foot, on the side. I know this has been discussed here in the past..if I remember correctly, soaking in epson salt really helps heal. But, do I need to do anything else such as ointment or bandage. she will rip the bandage off in 2 seconds though. Maybe benadryl to relieve itching? thanks.

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Epson salts should help it feel better, if nothing else. According to my vet, benadryl won't help with healing, and if your dog is a real licker, the antibiotic cream just encourages them to lick it off.


Have you tried "taping" a baby sock on, with vet wrap at the top of it?

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