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Guest emily

I did not see anything posted on Greytalk about Becky Neeley and there was an article in the paper this morning detailing her work with Greyhounds that I wanted to share. There are photos with the story, see http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2008/...e-was-her-dogs/




Leads sought in slaying of Helping Hounds director

By Nikki Bussey


Sunday, June 22, 2008


Memphis homicide detectives worked Saturday to generate leads in the death of Rebecca Neeley, a Hickory Hill woman who shared her love for greyhounds with the ill and the elderly.


The 58-year-old woman's body was found at 10:15 p.m. Wednesday on the floor of a spare bedroom in her home, which she shared with nine greyhounds. Her death was the result of violent asphyxiation.


Neeley, a recreational therapist, was the director of Helping Hounds Pet Therapy, a group that took greyhounds to visit patients at hospitals and nursing homes as a form of therapy.


In a 2003 article in The Commercial Appeal, Neeley said: "A lot of times you can take a dog in to see a patient who won't talk to anyone and they'll start talking about their own pets. Pets offer unconditional love."


Friends and acquaintances said she was devoted to her retired racing greyhounds.


Vicki Cohen, director of Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option, met Neeley through Helping Hounds.


"Her life was her dogs," Cohen said.


A family member signed Neeley's dogs over to Cohen at the adoption group.


"We have her dogs, so we'll find homes for them," Cohen said. "One was already adopted. Two are on the way to being adopted. They won't be here long; we'll get them placed."


Cohen said greyhounds aren't the type of dog to attack.


"They are very docile and people-friendly," she said. " Mostly people are intimidated by their size."


Kelly Waguespack, operations manager at the Southaven Petco, said Neeley and her volunteers would bring greyhounds to the store to introduce them to the public.


"I know she had a love for animals and a love for people," she said. "She was a really good person, always willing to help."


A neighbor who lives in the 4500 block of Trout Valley, where Neeley was killed, said she didn't know about the death.


"I hadn't really seen anybody or anything," said Wynelle Staggs. "That just really shocks me."


Staggs said someone broke into her house last April, but she was not hurt and nothing was taken.


Homicide Lt. Mark Miller said the attack may have been random, but the investigation is continuing.


"He could have known her, but she could have been outside, he saw her and followed her in the house," Miller said. "There is no way to tell."


Miller said they have not received many tips or calls about the slaying.


Among the items the killer took were Neeley's ATM card and 1999 Ford Explorer, which has since been recovered.


A man in his late-20s to early-30s with a scruffy goatee was caught on a bank security camera using Neeley's ATM card. He used a white towel to mask himself, but police have put out a Crime Stoppers flyer with the best of several images.


"I think there is someone out there that would recognize him," Millar said.


-- Nikki Bussey: 529-2609


On The Web


Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH (2274) or the homicide unit at 545-5300.


If you would like information on how to adopt one of Rebecca Neeley's greyhounds or other greyhounds, go to midsouthgreyhound.com.


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Heartbreaking. :(

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OMG. How awful. :eek Hopefully the killer will be quickly caught and brought to justice. Thank God her greyhounds are all safe. Godspeed, Becky... what a shame your life was cut short. :cry1

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How sad. I hope they find whoever did this to Becky. She is with all of our rainbow bridge kids and Trish now.

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How tragic, that such a beautiful woman whose life was spent helping others is lost. :gh_run:f_pink:gh_run


It makes me physically sick, such a senseless act for nothing! :weep


Knowing that the worthless piece of ** monster who did this will rot in hell is not enough. :angryfire



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OMG! How HORRIBLE! : :ohno :ohno :( I hope they find who did this. This just makes me sick. Why? Why?


Kerry, missing Pippin (Paid Vacation), my sweet heart-healer :brokenheart 2013-2023 :brokenheart 
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Guest Teufelsmark

Oh My! That is awful. I can't imagine her families grief and her greyhounds must have been devestated. I am beside myself as to why such a thing would happen to someone that gave so much to her community. My thoughts and parayers to her family and that her greys find good homes. :brokenheart Her poor babies are missing her so much I bet.

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Guest emily

I read a few of the comments related to the article and I thought one of the posters said it best - "Whenever they catch this human garbage, they need to feed him to the hounds." AMEN!! I can assure you her babies are in the best of hands, Vicki is a wonderful lady.

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Guest joedogs_mom

My heart just hurts for Becky even though I never knew her personally. There are pics of the guy caught by an ATM camera included in the Commercial Appeal's online piece, and I just hope and pray he is apprehended quickly and that justice is swift and appropriate.


Many, many thank yous to Vicki for her endless work over the last few days to retrieve Becky's Greyhounds and many prayers for Becky's family and close friends. No one deserves to die the way she did.



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Prayers for her family and not allowed to post my thoughts about the SOB that did this to her :angry:




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I am speechless. Prayers for her and her family, her greys and the numerous people she impacted. Wow how tragic and senseless.



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Guest LadyChester

What a senseless loss. I will never understand why such bad things happen to people who do their best to help others and try to do good in this world.

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