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Arty's Boo-boo Part Deux -- Could This Need Stitches?

Guest ArtysPeople

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Guest ArtysPeople

I posted earlier today from work about Arty's current boo-boo in this thread. So now I know I can put Neosporin on his scrapes. But when I got home and looked at it again, I began to wonder if maybe it doesn't require a vet trip. Here's the gory pic:




It's on his upper rear thigh, right over the muscle. There's a larger area that's kind of scraped top layer skin, but it's this part in the middle that's about 1/2 inch across that I'm worried about. Yesterday, I thought it was just a scrape, but looking at it closer today and feeling his skin over the rest of his thighs, I'm wondering if he completely ripped off a piece of flesh and that's his muscle I'm looking at underneath. I can lift it up his skin and kind of see a separation between the outer part (what looks like just a scrape) and the inner part (what I'm afraid might be muscle????) at the top edge a little bit, but not at all at the bottom edge, if that makes sense.


When I fell off my bike a few weeks ago, I totally had road rash that was this deep or deeper, which has completely healed up on its own, which is why I didn't think that Arty might need stitches, but now I'm second-guessing myself. Is greys' skin really that thin over their big leg muscles??


Arty's still not acting like it's bothering him. He didn't like it too much when I was lifting the skin up, but he didn't make a sound, and he's not licking at it a bunch or anything (just ate the Neosporin off it and then left it alone). It looks really clean and doesn't show any sign of infection.


Oh, jeez, I already felt like a bad doggy mommy for throwing the tennis ball in an area where he got hurt (most of the courtyard is grass, but for some dumb reason, I threw it toward the pavement, where he fell); now I feel even worse if this really is something I should take him to the vet for and I've been poo-pooing it.


If y'all think I should, I will call the vet's office first thing in the morning and get him in tomorrow. But I'm also willing to hear that I'm completely overreacting and that he'll be fine. Please advise.

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Guest Cris_M

I'd take him to the vet. The couple of times I didn't go immediately just meant I had to go later. Greyhound skin is so thin that even when the injury looks pretty minor it isn't. If the vet says it will heal by granulation (how your road rash healed) then you can relax and not be worried about whether it will heal correctly or not. If it needs stitches, then healing can begin faster than if you wait to take him in. Getting your peace of mind back could be worth the vet visit all by itself.

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The edges look pretty clean and it doesn't appear to be ripping any further. Yes, it's probably through the skin and to what's underneath. Deciding to go to the vet is partly your comfort level. If this is you first big boo boo you should go in and talk to your vet about what and how to go forward.


We do this - well, not a lot, but often enough to have experience - and stitches usually fail at our house, so I opt to treat it as an open wound and go for secondary healing protocol. It needs to be kept clean with a diluted hydrogen peroxide wash (I use 1 part Hydrogen peroxide and 4-5 parts water) a couple times a day or as needed. The first couple times might be ouchy. I usually have some antibiotics leftover from something and give that as well. Most vets will have you come in for a look to get them, but my vet knows me and my greys and I don't have trouble persuading them not to put stitches in.


By the way, if he does need stitches they might be able to put them in without any anesthesia - all of mine will stand for it (at least up to 4 or 5 stitches) without and it helps save money.


Two things to watch for - if it looks like it's getting bigger AT ALL go to the vet right away; and if it looks infected AT ALL go to the vet right away.


That being said - it's always most prudent to seek medical attention if you have any doubts or questions.


greysmom :D


PS - I've seen gory-er pics and bigger boo boos - you get used to it!


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Guest ArtysPeople

Greysmom, thank you so much for that response. That was exactly what I needed to know. Yes, the edges do look totally clean, and no, it doesn't appear to be ripping any further at all. We're still considering whether or not to go see the vet, but your input is very valued.

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