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Back From Vet

Guest ss556

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Guest ss556

Alan had fully impacted anal glands AND he has fleas with the flea "dirt" at the base of his tail AND he is allergic to the flea bites.


He was biten by a tick on May 27th and on the 29th I used frontline on him. The vet today told me to use Advantage on him either tomorrow and wait 3 days and give him a regular bath to soothe him or give him a bath today or tomorrow and wait 3 days to put on the Advantage. I assume using the Advantage after almost a month ago using frontline is safe??? I am then supposed to go back to the frontline a month later. I have to treat my two cats as well and vacuum every day.


So it wasn't pain at the base of the tail, it was discomfort and allergies - I couldn't even pet him as he was cringing and trying to scratch. I have a few antihistimines to give him. I'm glad it wasn't anything major but I HATE FLEAS!!!

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Guest BlackandBrindle

Oh Alan, those fleas are no good.



:kiss2 to the sweet boy and my sympathies to you Susan. Can't imagine having to deal with that.

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Advantage does a much better job of controlling fleas than Frontline. Of course, if you have to be concerned with ticks too it makes sense that the vet will have you go back to Frontline.


If the fleas are coming from your yard, you should conisder treating the yard too with a product that's greyhound "safe".


Hate those little critters. Luckily the only time I've had to worry about them is the year rabbits decided to share theirs in the back yard.




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Oh poor little man. Feel better soon sweetie. :grouphug


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