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Bleeing Penis

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I found flex (my Ig) ilcking himself this morning...then I saw blood! it is coming from the inside part of his penis ("red rocket") The vet opens at nine..but i am looking for advice. He has discoid lupus and has been having some skin irritations lately..maybe this is related?

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That happened to Tanner and the vet gave me an antibiotic cream in a tube that I had to inject. I was so nervous having to do it but Tanner took it like a champ.Bleeding stopped after a day of treatment and never happened again. Prayers for Flex


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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just returned from the vet with Flex..she saw a bruise on the shaft of his penis (only my Flex smile2.gif ) She saw no other signs of bruising on his body. Blood work in april for clotting was normal so she didn't see the need to repeat it today. She feels he either hurt himself when flying around the house or it is irritated from allergies/skin issues related to his lupus. He was given a shot of anti-inflamatory ( i think a prednisone) I have to watch him for any further bruising.

On the plus side: his nose looks good. She said I can stop the tacrolimus drops, continue with vitamin E,sunscreen and doxy. there is one small spot on his nose that when that clears up, he can stop the doxy. Pigment loss is due to lupus..can't do anything about it.

I am glad I went in today.

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We had a similar scare with Manero a while back.


I had gotten him onto the grooming table, to brush him out before a bath on a show weekend. He had what looked like dirt on the end of his penis. When I bathed him, the "dirt" washed right off, unlike blood that's usually more difficult to remove.


So we went to the show the next day. After we got out of the ring, I was chatting with a friend, who noticed drops of blood on the floor. I thought it was a toenail right away, having quicked him the day before. I checked, and the nails were fine.


So we went to our grooming area,, and I got him up on the table to look him over, and it was his penis. Oh good. I called a vet friend of mine, who suggested I flush the sheath, and use a syringe without needle to inject a triple antibiotic. He assumed it was a sheath infection or a UTI.


I took him home, and used his suggestions. I also caught some urine, to look at the color. It looked normal for him.


The next day, he felt fine, and we went to the show. I took him to the vet the next week, and she looked him over thoroughly, and did a urinalysis. His urine came back with a few bacteria, so we did a short course of abx. She couldn't find much physically - the shaft itself looked fine, and she found what looked like a healing wound on the sheath. We assumed he scratched the sheath while lifting his leg on brush.


He's fine now!!

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Always in our hearts, Gunnar, Naples the Greyhounds, Cooper and Manero, the Borzoi, and King-kitty, at the Rainbow Bridge.

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