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Uti Questions For Boy Dog Owners

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God made puppies cute so you don't kill them. :D I love Fenway, I really do, but he'd driving me nuts lately. Here are some things I hope you can help me with.


Background: I got Fenway at 4 months old. He was an oops puppy. He was not kept in the best conditions, thus never learned that should shouldn't potty where you eat/live. Then in foster care if he had to be left for a long time, he had a grate at the bottom of his crate that would allow him to go to the bathroom without having to lay in it. When I got him he was tough to housebreak, but now "gets it" (or so I think). BUT....we recently moved. He used to go to work with me and could go out to potty whenever he had the urge. He can't do that anymore. :( In the process of packing we had two pee accidents inside. Now two weeks at the new house and we've had four accidents. Two on the dog bed. Two on the carpet. (and one was my fault, he asked to go out and I didn't take him out so he peed by the balcony door.) All accidents are in the same general spot, which is where I'm feeding him now. We have a dog walker that comes to take the pups out at lunch. She has yet to find an accident, they are always left for me. Lucky, I know! :rolleyes: I should also add that I don't crate him, but if I was to crate him he'd still pee there. Ask the dog sitter...another :rolleyes:


So what do you think? Could this be a UTI, or just a youngish pup trying to figure things out? He's holding it overnight and on some work days. What are UTI symptoms? He's pee is yellow and smells like pee...not dark or horribly strong but definately has an odor.


Anyhow, to make a long story short he has two stitches and is on antibiotics. Between the new house, the meds, the stitches, the stress of the vet and the new way of life he's had a lot going on. So if he has a UTI, will the antibiotics from the bite wound kill the yucky UTI stuff too? He's on cephalexin.


And why, oh why, can he not pick ONE SPOT to sleep in all night long? Seriously, the first 4-5 nights were great and he slept all through the night. The past few days he can't seem to decide where he wants to be so around 1-2am he gets up, comes and whines in my face, and wants me to help him decide where to go. I either invite him up or show him to his bed in my room, or take him back downstairs to the couch. Then he gets up at 5am when my alarm is set for 6am. I know I have to have a few sleepless nights of tough love...but seriously, dude, just go to bed!


Grace is an angel. I love her. I really, really love her....she is so dang easy!

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Guest caiteag

Definitely get him checked for a UTI. When our vet cultured Ty's urine to find he had an infection, they were able to test a variety of antibiotics on the culture to discover which one worked best. I don't know much about cephalexin, but different antibiotics work for different types of bacteria.. so if he does have a uti, it might not be caused by something that cephalexin works well for.


Also, you might want to join the unruly boys chat club over in cute and funny.. it's core is a group of male dogs with pee problems.

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We have a foster who recently started wetting the floor, even after he had *just* been let outside. We brought in fresh urine samples- nothing showed up. But after the first pill (SXT)- no more messes. We put him through the full course, but just because nothing is found in the urine doesn't mean there's not an UTI!

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Guest Cris_M

I totally agree with having him checked for a UTI and the fact that he could have one and it still might not show up.


However, it could very well be just plain old stress, too. Dogs don't generalize well so, while he might have learned not to pee in his old home, he may be regressing in his new one simply because it is not the place where he learned not to pee inside. Since he is holding his pee throughout the night and during the morning but going before you get home in the afternoon, perhaps he is experiencing some stress -- either about you being gone or related to excitement that you will soon be home.


I generally think of UTIs showing up as frequent urge to urinate (that is, he would go often and sometimes very little would come out) because it is the urethra that is irritated rather than a full bladder. If when he goes it is always a large amount and he can wait for long periods of time, it seems less likely that it would be a UTI than if he couldn't do these things.


If it keeps up, treating him with a round of antibiotics to rule out a UTI could well be worthwhile.

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As others already said, check for UTI and consider a course of different antibiotics even if one doesn't show up. Cephalexin will treat some UTIs but not others.


Might also be worth evaluating what time you leave, what time dog walker comes, what time you get home. All dogs are different, but my own dogs seem to be able to last just about forever in the morning and not so long in the afternoon -- they're up on their feet more, thinking about their supper, thinking about when I'm coming home, etc.


The sleep thing -- if Joseph can get it, anybody can get it :lol . Hang in there.


Good luck!

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It sounds like he is having problems with adjusting to his new place, and his new schedule. Just like kids, the dogs take things out on the ones they love best, the parents.

As frustrating as it is, he may just need reassurance that everything will be alright and he will slowly get better.

I hope things get better for you and him.



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Fenway may technically still be a puppy, but he's well past the age where housebreaking should be an issue. You know the problems I've had--I would certainly have his urine tested!





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