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Pinched Nerve (?)

Guest Champiesmom

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Guest Champiesmom

I'm new to the forums, and need advice, please. My 12 year old greyhound, Champ, has lost use of his hind legs as of today. We first noticed that he was walking funny last Tuesday. We took him to our vet on Wednesday, and had a number of x-rays performed. Another x-ray was done under anesthesia on Thursday morning, too. Nothing showed on any of them. He did not improve, and was adjusted by a chiropractor on Saturday & Sunday. This morning he was able to go down the stairs to go outside for his morning potty, but was unable to get back upstairs. He started up, but fell down the stairs. Unfortunately, his favorite place is the walk-in closet in our bedroom, which is upstairs. We took him back to our vet, who gave him a steroid injection and referred us to a vet who performs acupuncture. Our appt. is tomorrow afternoon. The chiropractor came to our house this evening to give him another adjustment, too. In the meantime, he is unable to move from middle of his back down. We have been lifting him in a sling to take him outside. Presently, he is on his pillow in the downstairs family room, with a diaper on. Our chiropractor said that he has seen a number of dogs just like this, and after a few treatments, they improve. Has anyone experienced this with your greyhounds. We adopted Champ nine years ago; and we are in a panic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Not sure he'll be able to stairs anymore. Yes, I've seen it a lot. Keep up with the chiropractic adjustments and talk to the vets about using pred, especially short term. We (vets and I) have dosed them with a fairly high dose for five days and done a step down. Problem with this is he will have to pee a lot until the dose is lowered.


Does your alternative vet use chinese herbs? There are some good short term pain herbs that really work.


Sending prayers!

Diane & The Senior Gang

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