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Injured Mole On The Inside Of Choo's Knee

Guest Cara_Lea

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Guest caiteag

Choo has had a mole on the inside of her one back knee for as long as I can remember. We've never noticed anything odd about it.. it hasn't changed size or colour or anything. I noticed yesterday that it looked a little red, so I checked it again today and she seems to have done some damage to it. There is some bruising around the area and the mole itself seems to have been partially removed. I cleaned it gently and put some anti-septic cream on it.


Should I try to bandage it so she can't do further damage? Should I be concerned of something more sinister? My stomach is flip flopping a bit on this one.

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Has the vet ever checked it?


Personally, I'm always suspicious about any kind of growth on my dogs and prefer to have them removed unless the vet can do a fine needle aspirate or other test and tell me for sure it's benign. No-one can say what these growths are for sure just by looking at them, not even a vet.


If it were me, I'd be off to the vet for sure, especially as there appears to be something going on with it; it may be nothing to worry about at all but I'd rather take the "better safe than sorry" approach to these things.


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