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We're At It Again

Guest lauri

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Guest lauri

Miles isn't well again. Yesterday he threw up all of his breakfast. Ate dinner...no problems. He was acting just fine last night and even this morning.


Mike and I went out today for a hike and to run some errands. When we got home, no throw-up, but Miles was on his bed looking pretty sad. When we take him out to potty he seems as if he's weak, or it hurts to get up. Loose stools, but then again he's hardly ever had firm ones.


He's panting and shallow breaths at times and he has been opening his jaw when he takes a breath. He's also been burping more than usual, and maybe, like when one has bad heartburn, he seems to be burping up bile, (after a burp he licks like something is in his mouth).


He managed to get up and go potty again, and seems alert. But when he's first up seems stiff, and he's walking slow. He's not doing the shallow breathing now - right after a SLOW walk.


Before the puking, he drank a lot of water. Usually he eats grass, but since we're re-seeding the back yard, we've resorted to leash walks, and Miles cannot go into the yard. After the water incident, I've measured out 4 cups of water at a time to monitor, and he's not drinking excessively.


He's been to the vets recently for a battery of tests and nothing was conclusive except that he was having bleeding from the gut, which made him anemic. His gums are rosey, so I'm not worried about that again. Plus his poops are just normal brown.




Urinalysis (went in and took the urine)

Tests for ticks and Parasites

Basically the ONLY thing that was not done to him was where you go down the throat...whatever it's called.


Could he have flu-like thing going on? Or what?

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Guest KateWantsaGrey

So odd & frustrating! I wish they could talk :( I don't have any advice, just empathy & a little white light :grouphug

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is there any way he could have some kind of blockage? is he the type to eat weird stuff?



Michelle...forever missing her girls, Holly 5/22/99-9/13/10 and Bailey 8/1/93-7/11/05

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Guest lauri

He doesn't eat weird stuff. I was just reading that thread about the needles - what are these pups thinking?!? Who knows? Plus no bockages inthe gazillions of tests.


Endoscopy...that's the only test the vets did not do. Very expensive, (bill was up over $700 already), plus it's pretty invasiv. She only wanted t use this as a last resort. She coud see through radiographs that the bleeding was coming from the stomach.


Could mean an ulcer, which I can't understand - Miles is WAY easy going and doesn't get upset about much. I guess food alergies can cause this.


Also I looked into gastric reflux.


When he was sick a month ago, he was put on Hill's I.D. to feed along with a bland diet. The we finally got him to eat EVO, the poutry one. We tried several kinds and he woudn't eat. Funny thing is that I had just bought some canned food at Trader Joe's las Monday. Miles gets a few dollops of canned in with his kibble. Thre is chicken kind, beef kind and lamb kind. This started when I cracked open the beef. Last time he was sick I believe he was on the Trader Joe's food.


The vet told me NOT to feed Miles any beef when he was sick - even extra lean. Still too fatty. I'm wondering if this is the culprit?

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Guest guinness_the_greyt

I have no suggestions... Just sending prayers for Miles! :hope I've kissed that handsome boy! :kiss2


I just read your last post... Could it be pancreatitis?

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