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Should I Be Worried

Guest ChancesMom

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Guest ChancesMom

I'm pretty upset with my vet at this point. I called this morning and left a message for one of them to call me back and I was told that one would call in the next 30 to 45 min. No one called so knowing that they closed at 6:00 I called back around 4:30 and was told how busy they had been and that someone would call me back within 30 min. At 6:10 I called back and was told again how busy they had been and when she switched the phones over she would have one of the vets call me back so I am still waiting.


Heres my concern. Chance had HGE a couple of months ago. Well he is showing some of the same symptoms. I have not observed his poop since yesterday and it was solid and full of grass. When he started with the HGE the last time he ate a lot of grass. Yesterday morning I mixed his dry food with scrambled eggs which he usually loves. He walked over to it, sniffed it and walked away. A little later he finally ate maybe the equivilant of 1/2 cup. That is all he has eaten since yesterday. Yesterday and today both he has turned down treats which he is always wagging his tail and ready for. For the last three days he has been gassy (unusual for him) and you can hardly stand the smell. Also he is not drinking very much. I usually fill his water bowl numerous times a day and he has had the same water in the bowl all day with very little gone. He is just lying around. My DGD & I both did get him to smile a little this morning but he did not get very excited when I went to put his leash on for his walk. He is usually like popcorn jumping. I will say that anytime I leave I give him a Kong with peanut butter in it. He did eat that today.


I don't know if he is getting sick, is it just the heat (he loves laying in the sun and is still doing that) or is it stress. I had back surgery a little over 3 weeks ago so of course I have had to lay around a lot, can't play with him like I usually do and we have to take much shorter walks and with all of the drugs I had to take have been sleeping much more than I have ever done in my life.


It is now 7:39 PM and I have still not heard back from my Vet. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm sorry this is so long and appreciate you reading it.

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Guest LynnM

First off, eliminate all treats. Offer his normal evening meal. Take it up after 10 minutes if he hasn't eaten. Offer fresh water. Unless the dog is underweight, there's no harm in missing a meal if he chooses not to eat. Do the same in the morning.



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