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Ouch, My Foot...! Update: Off To The Vet

Guest Hollys2hounds

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Guest Hollys2hounds

Gunner and Lexy were playing in the yard two days ago.


No noise, no scream, nothing, but upon him coming in, we noticed a slight limp. I felt around inside the pads and did feel a tiny piece of wood or a thorn or something, and immediately removed it (back left foot). Since then, he is not putting 100% of his weight on that foot, and the inside of the foot is tender to the touch. He is using the foot, just not fully. If I feel around the inside of his pads, he cries. (but it does not look or feel like any remnants are left) There is no swelling, no redness. I am not sure this is the complete problem.


The foot and toes can be manipulated with no pain.


I have been soaking it in Epsom salts, and trying to keep him off it as much as possible. I called the vet, and they made an appointment for me for Monday afternoon.


Any other ideas I can try for my baby over the weekend? Do you think he should be seen earlier than Monday? Vet said they will check ligaments for ACL tear? Could this be?


He is acting fine. Eating fine.

Perhaps it is just a bruise, and I am over reacting, but I hate seeing my boy uncomfortable!!!



Friday night: The limp seems worse... we have a 9:40am at the vet... please pray this is not ligament damage in his foot/leg....

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ACL tear would NOT present as a painful foot. My last dog ruptured his. They typically will not use their leg at all with a totally rupture, and a tear would be a serious limp but the pain would be up near the "knee," not in the paw.


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Please update about Gunner when you get home. Prayers that all is ok.



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Guest Hollys2hounds

Update Saturday am


DH brought Gunner to the vet. She thinks he might have stepped on something, so for now we will treat conservatively.

She prescribed an antibiotic and pain meds (not sure which one). We will keep soaking with epsom salts, and rest him


We will check in with vet on Wednesday.


My poor baby boy.


When he walks, he does seem to use all four feet, but when he runs he favors the back left one.

Thank you for asking about my boy.

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Just a thought here but be on the look out for a developing corn. One of our hounds had all kinds of testing done, had the pad dug out twice, biopsy sent to the lab and after all this, it turned out to be a corn. I hope Gunner is feeling better soon.

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