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Guest mightyquinn

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Guest mightyquinn

A woman that I work with saw this article on line and thought it was important to pass it on. A dog got her tongue stuck in a shredder that had been left on but not running. What a horrifying thing to happen!!! I thought I'd pass this on for future reference - wouldn't want ANYONE to have to go through this. It turned out OK in the long run, but.........


See attached link.





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Guest dmboynt

Beth, that's awful!!


Some of the more inexpensive shredders don't have much in the way of saftey features. The one we have won't run if your hand or anything other than paper touches it. Good thing you don't have one. With the way Quinn likes to eat paper, I would be worried

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ours is not even plugged in when not in use. And even then there is too much stuff sitting on top of it for the dogs to even reach the chute/shredding teeth.


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Our paper shredder has an auto-shutoff feature if anything other than paper tries to go into it, but I keep it unplugged when it's not in use for just that reason. I remember hearing about a kitten who had climbed on top of one, got his long fur caught in it and ended up with a shredded belly when the skin on his tummy followed the fur into the works. Better safe than sorry.


ETA: Kitten lived!

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