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Help! Voodoo Needs Foot Pad Help!

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recap: VooDoo broke his toe (one of the middle ones on his right rear) and had to have it amputated. Post-surgery he developed a mild skin infection and several rub sores. He's had 3 weeks of weekly bandage/splint changes and finally got the OK to go comando on last Thursday.


problem: I finally got a good look at it today and the main large pad is still very raw looking and seems to have some skin peeling. The vet didn't seem overly concerned, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can rub into the pad that would help the healing, toughen up the skin, and ease any leftover ouchiness???




greysmom :D

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Guest SquanHound

Ping got a splinter of glass in his pad last fall and had to have surgery to get it out. One staple and 4 stitches later it was closed up. It took a very long time (2 mo. or so) for it to completely heal, so don't be concerned if it takes some time (b/c its the pad it never gets a really good chance to heal quickly). Definitely try bag balm or even some neosporsin if you are going to use a sock. The smallest sized socks work the best and you can secure them with vet wrap. We kept the sock on most of the time. You may also want to consider buying a boot for that pad -- that really helped us b/c there was no way that Ping was going to completely give up his walks during this 2 mo period and a sock was not enough protection during walks. Therapaw boots are fantastic and worth the price. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!!

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