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Pearl To The Dentist

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I'm asking that everyone keep Pearl in their thoughts today. She's going for a dental. She very high risk anesthesia with her heart disease, kidney disease and hypertension. But it was her abscessed tooth that caused the hypertension and kidney disease to begin with. Her cardiologist and dentist both agree she needs a dental and that right now she's healthy enough for it.


But I'm still scared to death.


She's also 10 1/2 yrs old.


Mary Pat

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Sending prayers for Pearl to breeze through her dental. :hope

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See you again someday, my sweet Payton (Flying Payton May 9, 2000-March 18, 2012)
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Here's to an unevernful dental and recovery!


please update when she is home.



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Guest paulamariez

Keeping Pearl in my thoughts and prayers for a safe outcome from her dental and a quick and uneventful recovery. Tiger, Bueller and Domino are sending Pearl some doggie kisses too!

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Sending prayers and white light. :grouphug


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Just saw this. Keeping my fingers crossed :goodluck Hope it went well... please update us when you can!


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I'm so sorry for the delay.


Pearl did very well. She lost 11 teeth. But I was expecting the dentist to be aggressive since we really do not want to have Pearl undergo anesthesia every 6 months. She lost all her top front teeth in front of the canines. I expected at least 4 of the 6. And her large teeth on top in the back. All molars. She kept all her bottom one.


She's sore, puffy and eating up all the attention.


I was too busy cuddling with her last night to come into the office and log on to update everyone. I'm sorry if anyone got worried.


She's eating scrambled eggs and liverwurst (that's where her pills are). She's not much interested in anything else.


She's zonked out next to me right now as I'm typing.


Thanks for all the prayers and white light. I stayed in the waiting room the entire 2 1/2 hrs. (the office staff put Happy Feet in the DVD. Kept my mind busy.)


Mary Pat and a very boo-boo faced Pearl.


PS....I forgot to add. THe dentist did find several lumps in her mouth. They were sent out for biopsies. The dentist told me not to worry, she doesn't think it's the.....you know.....big C.

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Guest adoptagreyhound

What a HUGE relief!!! I'm sure the bumps are nothing but bumps! Hugs and scritches to sweet Pearl!!!

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