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Help! Foot Injury

Guest Gr8hounds

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Guest Gr8hounds

Hi! We just got a foster dog. He has two swollen toes on each of his front feet, and both of them have really bad cuts on them. The pads look ok, but I didn't know if anyone had any suggestions!? He is limping because they are sore. He is on antibiotics, but I am not sure if I can wrap them or if he would just eat the wrap :blink: .... Any help would be appreciated!

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Guest Winterwish

I don't think he would eat the wrap,but he may try to lick beneath it to the wounds,which is natural.

It's hard to really say regarding swelling,what to do without seeing it.


Do you know how long have the toes been swollen?


Any chance you have some neosporin ointment you could put a thin layer on,then wrap the paws?

If not tonite,then tomorrow morning.

On antibiotics,that's good,so he's under veterinary care.


The two most important things for healing of paw wounds are 1.) keeping the pup off of it & 2.) keeping it clean.

I hope your doggie isfeeling better soon! :hope

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