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Consulting With Vet Today

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Angel, age 12, has extensive overgrowth of her gums to the point that I can't even see some of her teeth. Dr. Couto peeked at her and said he had never seen this so bad in a grey! Its common is cats. It came on over the course of a few months although she has always had dental problems. She needs laser surgery and then immune suppressant drugs for months-maybe forever. I'm meeting a new vet today-affiliated with my vet but has the laser facility. Hoping this will not be too hard on Gellybean. She's 12, has bladder problems and high blood pressure. The plan is to do it in 3-4 phases. I worry about that much anesthia.

Just a thought, this began after we got the dental vaccine. Just wondering.

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Sorry, no information to add about the gum problem with your sweetie,

depending on the timing, I agree it could be a reaction to the vaccine.

As with any vaccine, there is always a risk of reaction.

Just a few comments in regard to the vaccine,

when we asked our vet about the dental vaccine, he said it was too new to have any conclusive studies.

My area's "doggie dentist" that we took Amani to for her root canal,

said the "dental community scuttlebutt" is that it might be more beneficial in particular to the sighhounds.

Amani (non-grey sighthound) had no reaction to the first, or second shot two weeks later.


Good luck with your new vet today,




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Guest RedTigerJazz

We asked our vet, Dr. Radcliffe in Wheeling, about the dental vaccine last year. He told us that it seems to be more effective in small breed dogs.


:hope:kiss2 for your pupper.

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Having laser reduction tomorrow. The first phase, anyway. On the OSU website her condition is considered an autoimmune disease. Dr. C. said we could see the dentist there but they do not do the laser surgery that she needs.

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