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How Do I Keep Truman From Scratching His Face?

Guest BooMooandDoo

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Guest BooMooandDoo

Truman had a growth removed from his face on Tuesday and because they didn't sedate him, they were only able to get in two stitches, and they glued the rest. . .


Well as of yesterday he's busted open the glued part. . .and I'm worried he'll pull his stitches out.


Besides an E collar, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can keep him from rubbing his face with his dew claw?

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You might be able to reduce the damage he can do by wrapping the leg with some Vetrap. Put in a few wads of 4x4 gauze or similar to bulk it up.


I don't suppose a muzzle would cover the affected area, would it? That might prevent him from getting to it at all.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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Guest BlackandBrindle

vet wrap his nail down and then put baby sock over his paw and vet wrap that to his ankle. it will help minimize any damage he can do... then vet wrap his mouth shut so he doesn't chew it off :P


you need foot pajamas for him :rolleyes:


in all seriousness, the vet wrap i think is your best option, but he'll probably have it off his foot as soon as you leave

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Duct tape!

Follow this simple procedure:

1. holding your roll of tape behind your back, with scissors in a concealed pocket, approach the dog

2. lure or call your dog to an area with a hard floor (linoleum or hardwood)

3. command your dog to lie down

4. ask your dog to like down

5. beg your dog using treats to get him to lie down

6. return to commanding, in louder and louder voice, to lie the heck down!

7. repeat above steps as necessary until the dog is lying down.

8. quickly remove the scissors and retrieve the duct tape from wherever it ended up during the above steps

9. attempt to find the edge of the duct tape, and get it peeled up from roll

10. Recall you dog and get him to lie down using steps 2 through 7

11. Quickly run a length of tape across all four legs, making sure to attach to the floor in between

12. Continue to tape the dog 'til all you see is his nose sticking out. Praise the dog, and if you can still get a treat in there, do so now.

13. Have newspaper spread under the dog's hind end for accidents (this is where you wish you'd read the whole procedure before you started! :lol )


For extra security, cross and recross the tape, with lots of attachment to the floor itself. Think Gulliver and the Lilliputions, but don't think too far into that story! :P


Good luck!


Oh, and happy birthday!


Oh, and kisses to my gorgeous boyfriend, TRUMAN!! :kiss2


My Inspirations: Grey Pogo, borzoi Katie, Meep the cat, AND MY BELOVED DH!!!
Missing Rowdy, Coco, Brilly, Happy and Wabi.

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