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Foot Injury

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waiting for a call back from the vet..but thought would look here for advice as well!


Garry has been under the vet's care for a bruise/injury/hematoma on his left back foot.


we had to change the bandage once due to bleeding from the hematoma..that was fine. then when we went in to take off the bandage, there was a sore between his toes (which I can understand developing from the bandage). when I removed it today as the vet wanted me to do, there was a tiny bit of bleeding from between his toes..nothing major, but it was also very red looking..kinda raw. hematoma looked fine.


figuring it was better to give it air, I washed it, dried and put a bit of lavender oil on it and some bacitracin. he didn't seem to lick it much when I was at work. now he is licking and the hematoma that was basically healed looks to be bleeding a tiny bit (it is on the back of his foot). I washed it lightly and re-applied the same as before. put a sock and a boot on so he could go in the yard.


he licks the sock. so not a good idea to leave that on?


I am sure this only needs a couple more days to heal...any other suggestions regarding the care would be appreciated! thanks.

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Sounds like your doing it fine. If you're concerned about licking while you're away you can always put his basket muzzle on. OR, you could try your "boot" (probably w/o the sock) as long as it's not too tight and air can still circulate.


Good luck!

greysmom ;)

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the vet suggested letting air at it as long as there was no bleeding. didnt want bacitracin (saying it would keep it too moist), but suggested some gold bond body powder: to help dry it and reduce itching. he's a good boy.


My vet said the same. And not to dispute, I just put a baby sock on and used the mead medical paper tape on the top and the cotton let it breath well.

(the paper tape sticks well but when it is time to take off it is great and does not stick to the hair.)

Sheila and CO

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