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Guest Grhndad

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Guest Grhndad



Just wanted to reintroduce myself and the furkids. I'm Harry down in MS. We have 5 greys; Dart, (Pat C Fartagh) our newest, we have only had him about 7 weeks. He came from a difficult enviorment. He is 12.5 and has a few medical problems. Dart is a red fawn. Then there's little Katie, 11, a black and white girl, whom we have had for almost 8 years. She is nicknamed "Tater Tot" because at 43 LB she is too small be a couch potato. Next is Our Baby Girl, Pansy, (M's Tona Pansy) 8 a dark brindle. SHe got the nickname Baby girl because when we got her at age 3, we also had her Mom. Then there is Ghost, (Big Moon Ghost), a big 80 LB love bug. Ghost is black and just turned 6. We have only had him for almost a year. He's a big Mom's boy. Our girly girl is Bea,(Uppy's Player). She is a very pretty White girl with ticking. She is 4. We have had her for 8 months.

That's our brood. This is the second time in 3 years that we have been at 5.

Most of kids have been adopted through GPA/ Louisana. Pansy came from her Trainer at Seabrook, Like I said I had her Mom and the owner let me have her when she was injured. Ghost came from GPA/EC.

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Guest Grhndad

If I did this right you have pictures of our Katie (Tater Tot), The old man, Dart, our girly girl Bea and Ghost man.






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Hello Welcome, You are an Angel for taking a Senior. :colgate

Darlene Mom to: Aladdin, Sophie ,Pongo, Jasmine, Relic Forever in our Hearts Champ at the Rainbow Bridge.

Let a greyhound race into your heart Adopt

Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions INC. Naples/ Fort Myers Chapter

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Guest lat41065

Ill be the first to publically anounce that Harry and Janie are AWESOME ! They have assisted our group over and over.............Their last addition, Dart was an abandoned 13 yo ( long story) that I had pretty much resolved myself to the fact that he would be with me which was OK but i have a large young pack plus I board greys only and take all GPALA into my home initially so he would have been fine but a quieter smaller pack would have been best then here comes Harry and he took the grumpy old fella with his finicky eating and his anemia and brought him into the B home sight unseen short of a few pictures. I HUGE thanks to you, Harry and Janie.


Lesley Tierney

GPALA Transitional Kennel

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