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Sick Dog

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I posted several weeks ago about my at least ten year old galgo losing weight, no other symptoms. Well, last week he started vomiting, brought him to the vet who put him on an antibiotic and metronidazole. Ran a senior panel which came back good.


Vomiting continued, dog very lethargic, good apetite but looked like he did not feel well. Vet suggested a set of x-rays. X-rays led to a diagnosis of very enlarged heart, cardiac ultrasound and abdominal ultrasound done. Ultrasound found a heart infection, leaky valves, heart murmur and fractional shortening. Abdominal ultrasound found the liver to be on the smallish side but no cancer, kidney damage from possible previous trauma, intestional loops thickened and a "quite large" spleen, but no tumor found.


Dog was put on Clavamox and vet reported he was going to confer with other vets and get back to me. Dog started to vomit blood over the weekend, Clavamox stopped and dog put on sulcrate and pepcid, antibiotic to be re-evaluated.


I plan on having Valor tested for TBD and will schedule an appointment with a specialist. Valor is eating, there is no diarrhea, I have him on a very bland diet (chicken, rice, broth). Has anybody else experienced these symptoms with their dog and is there anything else I should be doing?


P.S. I had Bella on a fundraiser dog walk with with a ton of dogs last week, she brought home a virus (vomiting) which Keeva now has, only lasted 24 hours for them). Valor started vomiting before Bella did and it was a much different type of vomiting. Thanks for any input.


Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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