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Vit E Lotion

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I put sunblock on the dogs without issue, but before I use lotion on Ryan, wanted to see if anybody knew of a reason to not use it?


Ryan's skin is beyond dry.

His skin has been like this through 3 foods. He also takes 2 derm caps a day.

Adding any other oils isn't advised by the vet since the derm caps have the ratio of omega 3 vs omega 6 he needs for his other issues.


So I'm hoping maybe some vit E lotion will help him out?

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Guest LoveSeniorGreys

I put vitamin E skin oil on my greyounds paw pads and dry elbows and haven't had any problems except they like to lick it off their elbows as soon as I put in on.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

I suppose you could do a little "patch test" to make sure he won't have a reaction before you put it all over.

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