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Guest lanielovesgreys

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Guest lanielovesgreys

I'm not sure if I need to post this somewhere else. Please move if I do.


I took my kitty to the doctor because she was showing signs of a UTI. They couldn't get a sample because her bladder was empty. So we decided to wait it out and start with the antibiotics because it was most likely a UTI. Now today, her urine is pink showing that there's blood in it. Should I wait it out and see if she starts responding to the antibiotics? Or take her in immediately?


Thanks guys, I really trust your opinions more that any other site and I'm sure you might know a thing or two about other animals.





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Guest Redstripe

I'm not an expert but i would at least call the vet.. since blood wasn't a factor before and it is a factor now the vet will probably want to see the kittie again..


Positive thoughts coming your way.

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NO. Blood in a cat's urine is an emergency. Take her in immediately.




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