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Health Question (stroke)

Guest scootersmom

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Guest scootersmom

Our oldest Grey Katie is 9 years old (4 and a half of which have been with us). She may be the nicest dog to ever live. Last Labor Day she had a serious stroke which included high stepping for a week after the stroke. She has never really been quite the same since, but is still happy and sweet.


In the last month, she has begun to stagger very noticeably when she walks, seems extremely disoriented at times, pants excessively a majority of the time, and whines for seemingly no reason. Her behavior is also changing. Our other big grey likes to spin in fast circles in the living room and she used to always come out of our room to corral him and get him under control. She doesn't do this very often anymore even though he is looking for her to come get him. Also, she has started charging him very aggressively when he is done pooping and has started chasing our IG. These things seem minor but are very out of character.


We have taken her to the vet several times and they have run tests and done bloodwork on her, but cannot find anything wrong. When we first got her and took her to the vet, they diagnosed her with low thyroid and she has been on Soloxine ever since. We are not sure what to do because we don't want her to be in pain and we don't want something to happen to one of our other "babies" because the aggressive episodes are occurring more frequently. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions what may be happening?

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